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Nurture India’s Journey

Nurture India’s Journey - Nurture India

NURTURE INDIA, as the name suggests, was started with an aim to design and develop Indian craft forms and artisans’ skills. Its founders, Pratima and Somya, worked on their first venture ARTistocracy, together back in 2013. A travelling exhibition platform for amateur artists and photographers to market their work to art lovers. Amongst all Indian visitors who loved and appreciated the works of artists at the ARTistocracy exhibitions, a couple from Italy loved the Kundan-work painting of Lord Krishna, that they wanted to take back with them. However, since the painting was too big to carry, they instead exchanged numbers with the artist and got it custom-made and shipped to Italy later that month.

This brought an idea forward, the fact that people outside India value Indian craft forms and its uniqueness as to how they speak about our country. This is what prompted the founders to utilize the craft forms and create utility items out of them, to market them outside as well as within India. The first craftform that was chosen to experiment with was the GI-tagged Wood and Lac turnery of Channapatna, Karnataka. GI / Geographical Indicator tags are given to establish the origin of any product, and justifies the exclusive production and marketing of that product from that particular place.

It was born out of a shared passion for craft, art and design fused with functionality. Right before we even began thinking about Nurture India, we knew it had to add value to people’s lives – be it by the way of adding functional design elements or innovative design solutions.

With the changing landscape in Indian lifestyle, fashion and more – we wanted to be a part of this movement. We wanted to be associated with Neo India- the Indians who love their country and are looking to find something exquisite, something different, something new to put a piece of history in their homes.

We explored the beautiful Blue Pottery from Jaipur, ceramics and the best of woodwork  in the North, wood and lac turnery from Karnataka in the South, the craft of intricate clay dolls from Calcutta (now Kolkata) in the East and the Sheesha work in the West. India is really a gem when it comes to the variety of handicrafts available. We work with local artisans and skilled labour in an attempt to make pieces that will touch your lives. We currently have a range of dinnerware, serveware and home decor pieces inspired from all the Indian handicrafts we’ve explored through our travels.

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