Earn With Us:

How do i register?
Fill the registration form and you will receive and email with terms and further communication. Check email from marketing@nurtureindia.in.

Which products can we re-sell?
All products listed on our SHOP page are available to re-sell.

Where can i re-sell the products?
You can market our products by sharing product links from our website along with your coupon code to: Your social media account (Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.) Your existing network of friends, relatives and colleagues In your neighbourhood, friend circle, etc.

How much do I earn? How much discount does my customer get?
If you sell 50 units in a month, you can earn: Re-seller: INR 25,000 Affiliate: INR 10,000 (more details in the mail once you register)

Will Nurture India brand name appear on re-sold products?
Yes, Nurture India brand will remain on all products and packaging.

Who will manage the stocking and shipping of goods to our buyers?
Nurture India will maintain inventory of goods and all orders will be shipped directly to the address mentioned in the order.

Question You Should Ask Us!

Is wood food safe?
Yes - wooden products are natural and have been used since decades in our kitchen! Think all the rotis your mum has cooked you with her wooden chakla and belan!

What is food safe?
Now that’s a smart question! food can become unsafe when it is contaminated with illness-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals. A natural coating such as beeswax, mineral oil or lacquer is required as a protective coat in order for the food to not react and cause any harm.

Will the polish on wood come off/ What to do if the shine goes away?
Give it some tender loving care with a polish of any mineral oil and make it new again!

Will the wood chip off from my chopping boards?
No, but with time it will have warrior marks from all the veggies that were chopped!

Can wood be fused with other materials?
Yes! Plain and Simple.

How long will wooden products last compared to other materials?
Long enough for it to become an heirloom and even after that, it can be decomposed!

How are these products made? Are they all handcrafted?
Check out some of our amazing videos!

What are the features of different types of woods?
You seem like an enthusiast. Read more here.

How is wood different from MDF?
MDF is processed wood.

Why did you choose WOOD for your products?
Wood is good. Wood is a natural material that is found in abundance in India and also decomposes quickly.

How is wood sustainable?
From demand to supply - wood meets both aspects of the sustainability spectrum. Wooden housewares don’t need any additional tree cutting. We work with woods of different types that are plantation, forested and procured legally.

What happens if we wash wood?/ How to wash/ maintain wood?
NOTHING! It’s the biggest myth. Wood is washable all you need to do is wash, wipe, and dry. No soaking, no dishwashing!

What is a good way to care/ maintain wooden products?
As Indians, we like washing everything. If you love washing your wood, you can also love oiling them every month or two to keep the natural shine, moisture and grain intact. You can use mineral oil, coconut oil, beeswax etc.

Are these woods sourced from India? Are they made in India?
We’re all about Nurture India! All sourced and made in India!

Which types of wood do you work with and why?
We work with more than 10 different types of wood ranging from Mango, Rosewood, Neem, Teak to Rubber, Pine and Haale Maara.