5 reasons to do yoga

5 Reasons To Start Yoga Today!

5 Reasons To Start Yoga Today! - Nurture India

The benefits of yoga have been stressed a lot in the past years and this International day, we’re telling you why it is important for you too, to include yoga in your life, right away. From muscle flexibility, improved posture, stamina, stability midst everything else. With International Yoga Day around, here are five reasons to start yoga today and it’s great idea to get on the mat, immediately!


1. Strength

Yoga makes your body stronger and gives you more energy to work and do other mentally and physically exhausting tasks.It makes you more agile, active and your body more activated. While many or most exercises might tire you out, a power packed session of yoga most definitely won’t. It will in fact, leave you energised for the rest of the day, kicking your adrenaline without you having to burst your lungs. The basic principle of Yoga is to use one’s own body weight to balance their own body. And trust us, it works like a fine bottle of wine.


2. Flexibility

It obviously makes your body way more flexibile than you ever thought you could be or your body could be. It is just the inherent nature of the exercise that makes your move like never before, helping you tone your muscles and developing muscle where there was fat and in turn give your body the much needed energy. Did you know, we have an entire yoga range? Shop it here.


3. Stress Relieving

Tired of being stressed all time? Well, that just gives you another reason to try this ancient, well- researched and extremely effective form of exercise. Yoga, especially Ashtanga yoga, yog nidra have proven healing powers that can give your mind a much needed break. Seven minutes of meditation is a definite way to relax, calm your senses and get back in to the game with better energy. Another reason why yoga is considered to be stress relieving is due to how it connects you to your body, making you aware of every bone, every muscle and every pull and push you feel while stretching.


4. Connects You To Yourself

It connects you to yourself and helps you to get to know your inner self. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and meditate for a few minutes at the end of every practice session. Tune into your body and notice what it’s telling you. Pay attention to that fluttering in your chest or belly. Do it everyday till it becomes a habit. Wondering how to make it a habit? Stick this on the fridge and you’ll never forget your daily meditation practice.


5. Weight Loss

Yes! We saved the last for the best. Yoga aids weight loss by toning your muscles and guess what? The effect lasts forever. It’s more a lifestyle choice and this International Yoga Day, we urge you too, to take the step towards a healthier lifestyle. We have a special collection dedicated only to all you yoga lovers out there! Get in shape this summer and try the fine art of balancing your body, soul and mind… all together. It's the best form of exercise to do because it requires no investment, no equipment and can be practiced everywhere you go. 

Here are our founders celebrating and sharing their love for this practice. If these five reasons to start yoga today weren't enough, this should be the sixth reason for you to start yoga, now!

   five reasons to start yoga today

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