How To Style A Vase In Multiple Ways!

How To Style A Vase In Multiple Ways! - Nurture India

You've gotta agree, glass vases or vases in general are really the IT girl accessory of the home decor world. Such a versatile piece, one that just can go from room to room, shelf to shelf and from seasons to seasons without ever looking dated. While they're having a moment in the decor day of the season, it's not to mention that vases are defintely the most important accessory to  brighten up a space. 

So with all these vases in tow, how do you actually style it so as you never ever get bored of it? Here are some styling lessons you need to learn for keeping your decor sustainable, stylish and sassy!

1. On the Console

If you have a console at home and are wondering how to perk it up, a vase is the first perfect addition to make to it. Combine elements that make a nook or a corner. A tray, a vase, a scented candle and some flowers... perfect to add that pop of vibrance.

2. On your Vanity

With the scent, perfume and makeup displayed well on your vanity, we sometimes forget that this pace can also be used as a great spot to decorate and perk it up. You could simply keep a bright vase with big chunky flowers that will accentuate the entire space making it more luxe than you'd imagined it to be.

3. On the Bedside

If you're not one of those that has a lamp on their bedside, a simple, minimalist vase is a great dainty little addition to make on your bedroom. Perk it up with fresh flowers or a planter to create a relaxing and cosy vibe.

4. On the Coffee Table

Centretables are the centre of it all. Vases look grand, beautiful and absolutely stunning on centretable. Styling a vase here is easy. Go by the rule of three. Get yourself some coffee table books or any book that's thick and cover it with an artsy print, add the vase, add the A coffee table book, 

5. On your Entryway

Your entryway is the space that defines the mood of your house. Think inviting, cosy and warm. Every entryway should essentially give out these feelings and you'll be sorted. A big bold vase with flowers or even twigs and leaves are a great way to pep up your entryway decor!

6. On your Mantelpiece / Fireplace

Not many in India have a mantelpiece but it's like a match made in heaven. A mantelpiece can be easily accentuated with vases, knickknacks and other simple treasures that make it a talking point, considering if you have one, you're going to spend some time cozying up around it!

7. On the Dining table


There's no better way to perk up your dinner table than a vase! A bunch of flowers and a big beautiful vase that speaks for itself is a sure hosting must have. While you let the food do the talking, a little beautiful addition never hurts. It's the focal point of all tableware and acts as a center point to setting your dinner table in the most beautiful aesthetic way. 

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