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Home Decor Hacks For The New Movers!

Home Decor Hacks For The New Movers! - Nurture India

Moving into a new house is not easy task, especially if you're moving into a rented accommodation. Doing up the interiors, thinking of a colour scheme and decorating every corner is HARDWORK. No matter how many different decor styles you read about or browse through millions of pages on Pinterest, it's never easy to narrow down on one! Bringing to you a few hacks that I've tried and tested at my rental apartment that have worked wonders, making my home, a sweet one indeed. 

1. Keep it minimal!

Well, I know many of you might disagree here but I can't stress on this enough. While growing up, I always had a lot of 'stuff' at home. No matter how much I cleared it out, it would still stay! So my first step while I was doing up my house was to only buy furniture that I needed, not necessarily what looked beautiful. Have a clear framework in your mind about the number of people staying, the beds you need, the extra furniture you need and the rooms you need them in. After you've done the math, stay true to it even at the store and don't get carried away!

2. Kitchen it up

With all the masalas and lentils we have, our kitchen shelves are meant to be pouring out with stock. While you can't really do much about this because these are essentials. You can however organize them well from the start. My suggestion is to buyer fewer cannisters than what you need and rotate them as your grocery shopping needs. Invest in key pieces that will last you long and make your time in the kitchen easier. Two chopping boards are better than one, two-three sieves are better than one, multiple ladles or a multipurpose one that can do the job of many!

3. Storage organization

It's pretty difficult to nail the organiser part and to keep some of those 'not so beautiful' things behind closed doors! Example? Suitcases, stands, cardboard boxes, buckets, beauty products that are strewn everywhere. Take the time out to put these pieces together well and buy a mix of products that can easily move from one room to the other solving your problem. A jar that doubles as a makeup organiser, a box that doubles up as a storage unit and so on!

4. Washroom rules!

We all want that spa like experience at home too, right? Well, create that with good potpourri layered with fragrant essential oils, sprays and some simple accent pieces that will elevate your washroom space to give it the zen like experience. You can opt for trays that's open to add on some trinkets and storing your washroom essentials like a pack of towels, tissue rolls, ear buds, creams and more so they look neat on the counter top instead of looking strewn all over!

5. Utility space

Whether you agree or not, having a utility space is definitely an added advantage that you can't ignore. If you have one, there's plenty ways to use it up to store away everything in point three. If you don't, well, use an area in a room / balcony which you 'assign' for the junk so whatever has no purpose or everyday use lands up here, instead of anywhere else in the house!

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