Clean In Quarantine With Nurture India!

Our generation had never experienced a pandemic till 2020 and the Covid19  has certainly caused our lives to be turned upside down. We hope you're staying home, staying safe and are making the most of the work from home situation that comes with additional set of hours while in quarantine.

With all that extra time on our hands, we at Nurture India are proud to launch our Clean in Quarantine campaign and hope you will be a part of this. As social distancing, self isolating and quarantining is our new reality, we're sure you're getting a lot of cleaning done, disposing and discarding many products in your wardrobes, almirahs and shelves that haven't seen the light of the day.

At a time like this where it truly feels like Mother Nature is here to reclaim herself - we think it's truly the time to reflect and become responsible citizens. And like all good things start at home, so does our campaign. Here are all the details:

If you're cleaning your house and have products that you no longer wish to keep, we request you to not discard them or just dump them in the garbage/ dustbin. We wish to take this opportunity to take back your waste and reuse, recycle and responsibly dispose these off, while giving you the chance to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed on a purchase.

Type of wastes that we will accept:

Ceramic, glass, metal waste, e-waste, textile waste, packaging waste, plastic waste and other non biodegradable waste. 


We're currently  trying to service all metro cities in India but we would appreciate if you write to us nevertheless.

We at Nurture India want and urge you to be a part of our #CleanInQuarantine campaign.

Write to us at or +91 9137736908 with your name, locality and city or send us DM on our Instagram and we will get in touch with you to collect your pre-loved goods.

We hope you will support this thought and make our clean in quarantine idea a huge success.

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