7 Ways To Style & ReUse Your Wooden Bowl

wooden bowl
Everything about a wooden bowl is beautiful! It's almost a work of art in itself with those grains cutting and crossing each other. From sustainably made mango wood in a yellowish tone to reddish Acacia and beautifully grained and textured teak wood. They're one of the most versatile of wood home accessories one can purchase and they look fabulous in every nook and corner of your house. They also make great handmade gifts that will last the generations of your loved ones and can be upcycled into a variety of things as they hop, skip and jump from your kitchen, your table to other corners. Here are 7 different ways to style and use your wooden bowls!

  1. Smoothie Bowls & Salad Bowls:
    wooden bowl
    Smoothie bowls, cereal bowls and salad bowls have our heart and all our #healthygoals. Use your wooden bowls to serve the perfect smoothie, the perfect morning breakfast pick me up meal, especially in the situation we’re all in now! Wooden bowls are the perfect props you need for serving up a storm on Instagram with your perfect smoothie recipes served on perfect wooden bowls, along with a wooden spoon - that’s more sustainable and even makes a great handmade gift to give a friend who’s a fitness freak.
  2. Potpourri Bowls
    wooden bowl
    Not sure about whether or not you have the heart to use that beautiful looking bowl for serving up the guests yet? Keep that as a centrepiece and use it to decorate your table with some dry flowers or some fresh ones, some shells too. We recommend a rustic potpourri bowl with pine cones, twigs, some dried flowers and some scent to create a warm, welcoming feeling and an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Use wooden bowls as wood home decor accessories instead.
  3. Wall Decor

    Did you know your wooden bowl can be easily turned into a beautiful wall decor that can be hung up to create a beautiful vibe of lovely textures by mixing and matching wooden bowls of different woods like mango wood, sheesham or rose wood and acacia wood. Especially in a corner or the entryway decor, wooden bowls will add a rustic and vintage charm to your walls without being too over the top. It’s the perfect wooden handicraft item to add to cart!
  4. Trinket Holder
    wooden bowl
    A small wooden bowl can be used as a trinket dish to house all your jewellery right next to you on your bedside table sitting pretty. You could also do this to your old wooden bowls and upcycle them by simply taking them out of the kitchen and into your bedroom by using it to store your trinkets.
  5. Planter / Vase
    wooden bowl
    If you’re big on DIY, get yourself a drill and punch some holes and turn it into a planter! You could use the bowl as it is to house a plant with another container or just use it after drilling a small hole at the bottom. Another great way to re purpose your old wooden bowls, especially the ones in a smaller size is to simply plant some faux plants to make it a desk-friendly planter with a succulent! 
  6. As Risers and Cake Stands
    wooden bowl
    Our wooden bowls make beautiful risers. We all know how important it is while table setting to get a bit of height for the food spread to look more appealing and well laid out. Bowls that have the depth yet have a flat surface can be flipped over to use to give a little height. We at NurtureIndia always finish our products with a food-safe coating on all sides so our customers can make the most of their products and increase the longevity of the products!
  7. As Candles
    wooden bowl
    Wooden candle holders are really famous, but did you ever think you could covert your own wooden bowl into a wooden candle holder? Two ways to do it:
    First: Insert your regular glass candle or a stainless steel bowl that you can let go of and fit it in with the wooden bowl. This makes it a centre table or a perfect addition to your coffee table styling!
    Second: Pour over some water and throw in some floating candles in them.

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