Design with us

  • 1. Sketch & Create Digitally

    Design any homeware product that is innovative, solves a problem, & appeals to an audience that values handmade materials to be used – wood or any sustainable or eco-friendly product.

  • 2. Submit with a Story

    Upload your work here or as comments on our Instagram posts along with details of the product (dimensions, material used) & a story/ inspiration behind your idea!

  • 3. Ideate & Market with Us

    Our teams will ideate with you to finalise and perfect the product for technical and craft feasibility. 3D visuals of these will be put up across social media with all credit to the creator! Interested participants will also get a chance to work with us!

  • 4. Product Launch

    Best of the best designs will see the light of the day as we launch them in our collections in India and internationally!

Submit Your Design

Check our terms and conditions below in case of any questions or queries. Feel feel to email us for more details.

  • This contest is divided in 4 phases – 4 weeks, with each week focussing on one part of the house.

    Send us your ideas in the form of TEXT or VISUAL representation.

    Best designs that will be selected to be marketed under Nurture India will be marked with the creator’s name.

    Once a design gets finalised, the sampling, manufacturing, stocking of inventory, marketing and logistics of product is taken care of by Nurture India.