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  Training and Development

Training is successful when it is taken as learning by the trainees and embedded as part of their persona, conduct, nature, ability, contemplation process, outlook etc. You have to be change agent for yourself first and then for others. Nurture India Consultants training services emphasize both on personal and professional development of individuals.

Our Methodology:

We constantly learn from reputed sources, research for more quality information, gain more, new, better and practical insights and prepare ourselves well before we train others. Practical and Implementable approaches and solutions through analytical presentations and interactive discussions, case studies, physical demonstration through practical exercises and examples. Our approach will be more on conducting workshops where learning of trainees will be based on realization and determination to imbibe the missing aspects.

Why Training?

The world is changing very fast, approach toward life and work is getting multi dimensional, new thought processes and methodologies replacing the old ones, customers' demands and expectations are changing rapidly, work environment, job and business dynamics becoming more challenging, characteristics of competitiveness, skill sets are changing.

Nurture India Consultants training modules are prepared considering the reality of today and also keeping its client’s needs, interests and utilities into perspective.

For Employees of Companies

The challenge before companies is to sustain and grow. Macro variables have become very demanding and competitive. Organisations need employees with right aptitude and attitude. Nurture India Consultants has developed different training modules to develop employees to the level required for organisation to grow and excel. Our training program would range from few hours of training to few days of workshops to bring desired impact in employees and effect as visualized by the employer.Click here...

For Students of Educational Institutes

Today’s students are future of India and they need to be nurtured very carefully. They need to inculcate right attitude, belief and approach towards life. Nation is built by right type of citizens and Nurture India Consultants has dedicated modules for high school students, college students on life planning ( character building, positive thinking, becoming better human etc. ) and career planning ( knowing hidden talent, using talent for career choosing etc. ).Click here...

Our Different Training Modules
Problem Solving

Testing problem solving skills, where lacking and how to improve. Recognizing problems early, problem solving steps, different problem solving approaches. Solving problem innovatively, Problem cause analysis, Cause Consequence Analysis.

Decision Making

Testing decision making skills, where lacking and how to improve , deciding what and how to decide, understanding decision cycles, choosing between choices, risk analysis of decisions, Impact analysis, Taking smart risks,improving decision making, 6 thinking hats, critical thinking, blind spot analysis, decision under uncertainty and pressure, Group decision making

Team Management

Testing team management skills, where lacking and how to improve, Core skills needed to manage team, understanding team skills and its linkage to organisation prerequisite, developing team competencies , learning team members thinking, building effective team, Improving and maximizing team effectiveness, creating happy and healthy workplace, maximizing team happiness and productivity, solving team problems and team working issues, Improving team performance, Identifying positive and negative behaviour, overcoming obstructive behaviour, managing internal conflicts, building strong and cohesive team, helping team members accept change, improve performance, rapport building, maintaining harmony in group, developing team with emotional intelligence, empathy and positive thinking, transferring skill , knowledge, engaging people with team learning, coaching, mentoring to become more effective, realizing full potential, how to motivate people, discovering what drives members, turning negative into positive, encouraging responsibility and accountability, managing different types of team members, resolving team conflict, controlling disruptive people and behaviour.


Testing strategy making skills, where lacking and how to improve, core strategy tools, understanding tricks of competitive advantage, understanding your competitive position and enhancing it, finding your path to success, route to competitive advantage, leaving competitors behind, preparing resilient business plan, aligning organisation structure with business goals and strategy, reducing business risk and expanding market size, creating values, analyzing business opportunities, understanding components of future success, assessing risk and maximizing profit, customer experience mapping, strengthening weakest link.

Stress Management

Testing positive mind frame, self-motivational, self-confidence skills, where you lacking and how to improve. managing limitations, rational and positive thinking, overcoming negative and pessimistic thinking, overcoming various fears, managing emotions, surviving pressures, maintaining composure, work – life balancing act, happiness, wellbeing, developing self-confidence and boosting self-esteem, relaxation

Time Management

Testing time management skills, where lacking and how to improve Finding energy rhythm time, activity log, to do list, how productive we are, becoming well organized, valuing your time, leveraging, resource management, priortisation, scheduling, time management challenges, concentration and focus, energizing yourself, SMART goal setting, planning for success and achievement, self-motivation, overcoming negative behaviour.


Testing communication skills, where lacking and how to improve, right communication in right way, understanding losses due to communications blunders, first impression impact, active and empathic listening, handling criticism, challenging situation communication handling, understanding others better.

Client Management

Testing client management skills, where lacking and how to improve. Client prospecting, client acquisition, creating first impacting impression, retention strategy and approach, winning clients, client satisfaction management, measuring customer satisfaction level, improving customer delightful experience, handling tough customer, Complaint handling & redressing, service as business growth tool.

Sales Management

Testing sales management skills, where lacking and how to improve. Developing sales roadmap and right approach, learning successful sales techniques, converting no into yes, converting prospects into clients, transformation from transactional to long term relationship building, up selling and cross selling, getting referrals, networking.

Personal Development

Inculcating right thought, perspective, attitude and behavior. Positive and Creative thinking, Time Management, Leadership development, Managing Stress, Raising Emotional Intelligence skill, Power of Truth and Pro-activeness, effective communication, developing empathy and listening skill, Developing confidence and Self Belief, Exploring hidden strength, adopting to changes, handling difficult situation, Self-Discipline, Using emotion as strength and not as weakness.

For Students
Personal Development

Valuing Time, Balancing between enjoyment and responsibility, developing right values and habits, shaping your mind and sharpening your skills for challenges ahead, developing positive energy and thought, creative thinking, effective communication, developing empathy and listening skill,, Developing confidence and Self Belief, emotional intelligence, achieving success through right approach and strategy, exploring hidden talent and strength, renewing energy, reducing stress, developing some good habits.

Career Planning

Discovering yourself and your drive, developing career strategy, identifying right opportunities, unlocking your own potential, understanding your strength and hidden traits, emotional intelligence, advantage of networking and rapport building, determining own destiny.