Nurture India Consultants
  Service to Gen next and Society

Nurture India Consultants endeavors to play some role in creating a responsible, talented and responsive India of tomorrow.

Talent Marketing

India has lots of talents in art, paintings, music, drama, literature etc. Some are lucky to get noticed but many are lost somewhere or go unnoticed. Special Talent which is gift of God needs to be brought before world, their talent should bring happiness in life of others and in turn they need recognition and appreciation. Nurture India Consultants will help in spotting, showcasing, demonstrating unrecognized hidden talents of unknown places, small locations in the field of art, painting, drawing, literature, drama, music through a platform. Artistocracy is one of the initiative taken last year to showcase the budding talents in painting and drawing.Click here...

Social Services

Nurture India Consultants understands its role as a responsible corporate citizen. It believes in paying back to society and our country in best possible manner. Nurture India Consultants will seek to be associated with activities that are done for some social cause bringing social benefit, creates awareness of important social issues, encourages brotherhood and togetherness in society, removes illiteracy, ignorance, improves health and well beings desired for fellow citizens and countrymen.