Nurture India
  Management Consultancy / Business Consultancy / HR Consultancy
  • Consultancy for new business setup / India entry.
  • Consultancy to existing companies on over all change, improvement, solutions.
  • Consultancy to existing companies on specific areas – sales, service, marketing, Strategy, HR, Operation.
  • Complete HR activity related services - developing and implementing all HR related policies, systems, processes, practices, procedures. Training on personal and professional skills, traits and competencies development.
New Businesses / India Entry

Setting up new business / project is challenging. Business environment and road ahead needs to be properly assessed before actually venturing and putting resources in place. We provide consultancy services to Entrepreneur or Promoter who wants to set up new business / projects in India.

Our Methodology :
We first understand Clients' business objectives, products and services, strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and resources etc. We apprise them with industry overview, regulatory norms, Business trends and dynamics, competitive landscape, success factors, challenges and pitfall etc. We then offer our report recommending entry / setting up approach, strategies to follow. We also construct complete business plan, scout JV partner, funding arrangement.Click here...

Some Introspection for Consultancy Need (for existing businesses)

An honest assessment by you as Promoter or Top Management of your company need to do

  • Are you satisfied or happy with your business growth?
  • Is something wrong, missing, needs to be corrected?
  • Are resources being used to its fullest? Are there any roadblocks, impediments? etc.

There can be many questions that need to be seriously pondered by you.

Nurture India Consultants has prepared some questionnaire which can help you to have judgment on changes required or issues, problems if any existing need to be addressed. (for questionnaire or for some interaction in this issue please contact)Click here...

Consultancy to Existing Businesses

Nurture India Consultants will help companies to understand the problems, issues, its causes, effects and work on implementable solutions to help the businesses and revenue to grow.

How we do :

  • We analyse the industry to which your company belongs, report you the key factors required to be a successful player.
  • We do the SWOT analysis of your company on all parameters (HR, Operation, Sales, Marketing, Accounts, IT, Strategy etc.) by fact finding, GAP analysis.
  • From above findings we find problems and its symptoms, and then we explore the causes and zero down on root cause.
  • We list and prioritize root causes and critical issues that need to be addressed
  • We identify areas that need to be addressed, assessment of implications if no action taken, result if action taken
  • We develop Action Plan and its execution. Click here...
Vertical / Functional Management Consultancy Services

Some companies might be more focused on or desire change in specific functional area or business vertical ( Sales, Marketing, Product, Services, Operation, HR, Finance, Strategy ) or facing some major issues / problems in any of these functional area or business vertical e.g falling sales/ revenue; performance or productivity issue; cost rationalisation, employees behavioral or competencies issues, client management or servicing problems; organization work culture and team issues and so the list could be many. We can suggest, provide solutions and help in implementation to bring the desired change and improvement. Click here...

HR Services

Human Asset is the most important asset for any company. Many of the companies’ problems are due to employee related issues, be it wrong candidate selection, unclear job responsibilities, lack of competencies and skill sets, lack of motivation and improper monitoring system, interpersonal conflicts, no proper training etc. A company determined to grow in scale, size and reach should have sound, well defined, well communicated HR policies, practices, systems and processes and their apt implementation. Nurture India Consultants have expertise and experience in developing and implementing the best of HR related services. Some of our key services are mentioned below:

  • Mapping suitable competencies required for organization, verticals, functional heads and executives.
  • Developing Job Descriptions, Key Result Areas (KRAs ) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs ) for existing and for planned future human resources.
  • Formulating complete objective recruitment process right from requisition till induction
  • Conducting Training needs analysis. Structure and execute different types of trainings as per necessity or as per demand
  • Developing Performance appraisal forms and formats, methodology of monitoring and evaluation, developing performance and productivity enhancement tool.
  • Developing Objective Motivational tools like Incentive and Bonus plans, Promotional policies, structuring career growth plan, retention strategies for performing employees.
  • Make HR Policies, HR manual, employee handbook, induction manuals, all type of formats involved in various work aspects of HR vertical
  • Making SOPs on – Sales and after Sales (Process, Approach) Operation procedure etc.
  • Provide various type of Training to employees relevant for bringing effectiveness and improving efficiency in the working of any successful organization and also those as desired by the Company Management ( covered in detail in Training Services ).  Click here...