Nurture India Consultants
  Education Services

Nurture India Consultants intends to impart knowledge and education for creating awareness, improving understanding on finance and investment related matters.

Investor Education Services

Guidance to investors through various educative programs and workshops on Personal Finance, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Goal Based Financial Planning Retirement Planning, Wealth Management Strategies and Approach. The participants will be able to understand the importance of personal finance, overview of financial products, matching the product according to need and time horizon and also understand risk and return attributes of various investments. They will be guided on how to make comprehensive personal financial plan for themselves or providing for need based financial goal (child education, daughter marriage, retirement planning, estate planning).

Workshop for Bank Employees

Will enable employees looking after Wealth Management segment to understand “Risk Profiling of clients”, “Asset Allocation Strategies”, “Portfolio construction, evaluation and monitoring” and “Portfolio Rebalancing Strategies”. Employees of Wealth Management segment will also understand the psychology of investors with the help of Behaviour Finance. This will help them enhance their customer acquisition and retention skills and in turn growth of business. Customers will also get long term growth of their wealth.

Workshop on “Investments Alternatives”

Will emphasize on Mutual funds, Gold, Real Estate, Derivatives, Fixed income and investment in Art. The participants will benefit as they will understand various investment alternatives and how to use these for their benefit and long term wealth creation.

Workshop on “Learn to do your own Financial Planning”-

For Employees of Companies, Professionals, & Self-Employed Individuals. Every earning individual has to learn to plan for various financial goals. Participants will understand financial markets, various investment avenues available and matching of various products as per their risk appetite and time horizon of investments. Participants will be able to make their own financial plan and able to make available money for various goals at appropriate time.

Workshop on “Enjoy a Worry Free Life Post Retirement”

Nurture India Consultants will guide on “How to accumulate retirement corpus” and “How to invest retirement corpus to generate regular income after retirement”. Need for retirement planning is increasing in India due to breakdown of joint family system, improved longevity of life and changed mindset. Participants will benefit immensely as they will learn to accumulate sufficient amount of money to have tension free retired life. Will also conduct workshops for retired people on adapting to new situation to stay happy, stress free, disease free and over all enjoy life.

Workshop on Portfolio Management Strategies

In this workshop “Portfolio construction strategies” and “Portfolio rebalancing strategies” will be explained. This will help participants to understand various asset allocation and rebalancing strategies to see growth of wealth as per their expectations.

Work shop on “Construction of Financial Plan" (For Investment Advisors)

Nurture India Consultants will help participants to understand financial plan construction process with the help of case studies. How to understand the psychology of investors and help them achieve financial goals will be explained with live examples. Participants will be able to make customized financial plans and help their clients achieve financial independence.

Tutorials for Various Financial Courses (Students and IFAs)

Nurture India Consultants will conduct tutorial classes for students enrolled in various professional courses like Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Wealth Management. Guide them and prepare them for passing the examination. The different modules under CFP will be Introduction to Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning and Financial Plan Construction. Will also be providing tutorials and guidance to clear various NCFM examinations viz: NCFM Mutual Funds Advisory Module, NCFM (Derivatives Dealers) Module, NCFM (Wealth Management) Module.