Nurture India Consultants
  Advisory on Financial Prosperity

Nurture India Consultants wishes to bring financial prosperity to its clients by following suitable strategy and approach leading to right asset mix and investment product selection. Every individual is different from the other in terms of his profile, age, income level, expenses, liabilities, wealth etc. The effect of variation in return from investment impacts different individuals in different ways.

Wealth Management Strategies

A complete guidance tool on Wealth Creation approach, guiding on deployment of money into assets / investment products that generate high return. It takes years of patience, perseverance, discipline to see wealth growing over a period of time, balanced approach taken to manage various risks so that the desired quantum of corpus is built up as per expectations through Wealth Accumulation approach. Market dynamics change, at times investment climate dampens, risk on different assets increases, return on investment goes volatile or negative. It is very important not to lose the earlier growth and accumulation and have a clear Wealth Preservation approach. Nurture India Consultants has expertise in guiding its clients on these three approaches as per demand of the situation and so will be the investment product selection advice and execution. Click here...

Financial Planning Approach

We earn regular income and need to make a household budget and invest surplus money to provide for various financial goals like children’s education, their marriage, retirement planning and may be some more goals depending on needs. Financial planning process helps clients achieve their financial goals. Nurture India Consultants is a strong advocate of Financial Planning as that is right way for every investor as financial goals are bound to be met. We help clients to follow financial planning process and make right amount of money available at right time to meet various goals. Portfolio will be constructed with right asset allocation and in investment products so as to balance liquidity need, safety and growth of invested amount to meet short term and long term financial goals and objectives. Portfolio review on regular basis and rebalancing of portfolio, if required will be undertaken by us. Click here...

Investment Products

Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Products, PMS, Alternate Assets, Private Equity Products, Structured Products, ETFs etc. are the products where investments are done in above strategies and approaches. Click here...

Real Estate Advisory

Advice and execution of Sales and Purchase of residential or commercial property. Click here...

Our Methodical Approach (Wealth Mgt / Investment Advisory) :
  • Client First : We spend quality time with client and understand him fully first - income and expenses, his short, mid and long term goals and requirements, any preferences, risk bearing capacity, psychology, family position and liability if any, liquidity need – when and how much.
  • We constantly evaluate and analyse economic factors, market situation, business environment which have bearing on different assets performance.
  • We analyse the impact of macro and micro factors in short term, medium term and long term on different assets classes. Try to have some quantitative and qualitative judgment more on risk perspective and share the same with client.
  • We provide investment solutions with different asset classes and investment products to match investor liquidity, safety and growth needs.
  • Discuss and explain in detail our recommendations with proper reasoning and logics.
  • Take clients views, suggestions, examine it objectively and impartially, offer our views taking perceived risk in mind and finally along with client agree on investment solution and investment products.
  • Once agreed will get the investment executed.
  • Monthly review of clients' portfolio and updating the clients on performance and discuss on future buy / hold / sell strategy. Click here...
Financial Planning Process / Approach :
  • We start with “Know Client First”.
  • After establishing relationship with client, next step is to collect data (Both quantitative like income, expenses etc. and qualitative like any fears and aspirations etc.) and his various financial goals.
  • This is followed by “Analysis of data” to know about emergency funding provision, required amount of insurance and diagnose any other problem area.
  • Next step is formulation of strategies and recommendations to enable client to achieve his financial goals. Here, asset allocation is done keeping in mind income, time horizon and risk appetite of client.
  • Implementation of financial plan is done after the client has understood the recommendations and has agreed.
  • Final step is regular monitoring of investments and review of financial plan on 6 monthly basis to see that plan is going towards achieving financial success. Click here...